WordPress Vs Shopify For Business – An Objective Look

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Oct 02
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It is easy to get caught between WordPress vs. Shopify for business. In fact, you might say it is like getting caught between the moon and New York City, seeing as both platforms offer so much. Both platforms also have their share of followers, which is why choosing a stronger one between them is not a simple matter. Everything depends on what you need, hence the reason for this article. In the end, you should have a better idea which platform is going to serve your business the best.

1. Shopify Is More Geared Towards Business

Notice that the title of the article is WordPress vs. Shopify for business. In other words, it is going to be an e-commerce site. Products or services are going to be made available, and digital monies will transact.

Now, WordPress is the most active website creation platform around, and the stats show it. However, it was not created specifically for running a business. Instead, more focus on providing internet users with free content to read or enjoy. Moreover, WordPress has its strengths as a platform for your e-commerce site, Shopify has its benefits mainly for the small business consumer.

Shopify was purpose-built for e-commerce sites, making it more convincing regarding establishing sales. Keeping in mind that Shopify is an online service/tool, compared to a standalone software like WordPress, there is quite a big difference in how they approach e-commerce.

2. Shopify Is Easier

Yes, WordPress does make it incredibly easy to start a website, but an e-commerce site is something entirely different. The whole purpose of the site switches and a great deal of trust has to be in place before users are going to spend money.

With WordPress, you are going to go through a strenuous process of setting up an e-commerce site. For example, you will have to buy a domain and install all the necessary software and plugins. You will also be responsible for tweaking the site and making it more visible for search engines. Then you have to set up a theme and start testing the purchasing process. You want to make sure every area is covered and smooth with a WordPress site.

Shopify has a much more simplistic approach. After going to the site, you just register, fill in the necessary information, choose between the hundred or so shop themes they have on offer and your e-commerce site is up and running.

Its great and you can reach the same success with WordPress. It is just going to take more time, work and patience.

Where you are going to need some manner of site building skills with WordPress, you do not need any site building knowledge with Shopify.

3. More Control With WordPress

While all the above-mentioned work might sound tedious from a WordPress user perspective, people with experience appreciate the control they have. Where you will need to contact a professional if you want to make theme changes with Shopify, WordPress allows more freedom.

Moreover, it also should be noted how powerful WordPress has become over the years. It is the most popular site creator for a reason, although, Shopify does have an edge regarding business. 

Final Words

If you do not have any experience with site building and you can not afford to pay for it now, your choice between WordPress vs. Shopify for business is most likely going to be Shopify. Just because it is so much easier to launch, you get access to several apps specifically for increasing your profit margin, and the platform is business specific.

You cannot honestly go wrong with WordPress, especially if you can afford the more significant return of investment but the road to success might take a little longer for those who can not foot the cost of extra resources.

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